“I didn’t set out to just break the mold, I wanted to SHATTER it.”


Bruce Sizemore, Designer & Founder

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Why MORE Wedge?

What You Need to Know About the More Wedge.

Features That Matter

Performance Improvements That You Can See and Feel – Just Swing It ™

Optimum Spin

You’ve Heard of Shots That “Land Like a Butterfly with Sore Feet”?

Now You Can Hit Them!

  • Proprietary cross-milled machining increases friction to create optimum spin.
  • Higher launch, apex and spin yield steeper descent angles for more control.
  • Faceplate is replaceable to maintain maximum friction for optimum spin.


Tri-Tier Sole

Tri-TierTM sole gives you cleaner club to ball contact from any lie.

  • Leading, mid and trail surfaces match your shaft lean preference for every shot.
  • Heel and toe relief minimize turf interaction on flat and uneven lies.
  • Low leading edge slides under the ball on tight lies, even when opened.


MORE Wedge Matches Your Swing And Course Conditions

  • LOFT adapters: 47° to 61°
  • FLEX – 52°, 56°, 60° – Limited Edition
  • GAP – 47°, 50°, 53° | SAND & LOB – 55°, 58°, 61°
  • BOUNCE: 4° to 14° with vertical & diagonal settings
  • FLANGES: interchange to match your swing & course conditions.

Stability & Control

More weight where you want it – in the clubhead!

  • Thick, no taper faceplate is billet-milled from 303 stainless steel
  • More mass and properly placed CoG yield unmatched head stability
  • Even your off-center hits are more solid and consistent

Moment of Inertia

Highest Moment of Inertia

  • 7075 aerospace aluminum moves 60 grams from the hosel to the club head.
  • Less torque means off center yield tighter shot patterns.
  • High MOI, Less Turf Interaction, and More Stability mean better wedge play!

Made in the USA

Why design disruptive technology and 7 industry firsts?

  • Flawlessly 100% billet milled in the U.S.A.
  • Adjusts to each golfer and course.
  • Provides spin, control & consistency
  • More friction & stability
  • High MOI | perfect center of gravity | less turf interaction
“Every golfer, course, and shot are different.
MORE Wedge delivers measurable improvement to every golfer, every day.”

Competitive Analysis

  MORE Wedge Vokey Cleveland Callaway PXG All Others
Billet Milled
100% Made in USA
Compound Sole
Friction Milled
Highest MOI1
Dead Center CoG
Loft & Bounce
Circa 1930’s
Cast/Forged Head
1 Thick No Taper 303 Stainless Faceplate     2 Loft 47-61*, Bounce 4-16*       3Match daily conditions       4Keep face friction optimized


Properly Applied Golf TechnologyTM

Just Swing It™


Total Wedge Approach

Tri-Tier Sole = Use the Shaft Lean You Want
Toe and Heel Relief = Minimal Turf Interaction
Friction Milled Face = High Spin even @ Low Ball Speeds
Interchangeable Flanges = Match Course Conditions & Swing
Maximum MOI = Tighter Shot Patterns
Adjustable Loft = Eliminate Yardage Gaps
Adjustable Bounce = Match Daily Conditions
Thick 303 Stainless Faceplate = Solid Off-center Hits
“Why Not Make Every Golfer a Better Wedge Player?”


Just Swing It! You’ll Feel The Difference.

No More Worries

MORE confidence in deep rough.

No fear from tight lies.

Simple recovery from trouble.




When Bruce Sizemore began to design the MORE Wedge, he said,

“I wasn’t looking to make cosmetic changes for minimal improvement. I set out for an all in one revolutionary design that clearly demonstrated advanced performance for every golfer.”

Disruptive technology has been taken to the max to give you more control in the scoring zone, MORE fun and lower scores.

  1. Proprietary cross-milled machining optimizes spin on full, approach, and greenside shots.
  2. Replaceable faceplate keeps your perfect level of friction constant forever.
  3. High moment of inertia and properly placed center of gravity give you a sweeter sweet spot and more solid contact on every shot for tighter shot patterns.
  4. Adjustable loft, flange and bounce let you optimize and control launch, trajectory and spin.
  5. What’s Unique? Tri-TierTM Compound Sole. Thick, No Taper Faceplate. High MOI. Perfectly Placed CoG. Adjustable Bounce. Hosel Placement. Heel and Toe Relief. Multiple Flanges. Minimal Turf Interaction from Tight Lies and Heavy Rough. 100% made in USA.

How often do you need a wedge?

We don’t like it, but we often hit more wedges than drivers during a round. Think of all the shots you play with a wedge; approaches and recoveries from sand, long rough and tight lies, pitches, chips, and lobs.

Wedges are not “one size fits all”. They need to be versatile, fit your swing, and match your shot preferences. Every player, course, and shot are different every day.

Welcome to MORE!

“MORE Wedge combines disruptive technology and unrivaled craftsmanship to create true innovation for the industry and demonstrable performance improvement for every golfer”

Who Are We

“Properly Applied Golf Technology”

Every so often, along comes something so eye catching, so fresh and so unique that it spins an entire industry off its axis and sends it in a whole new direction.

Innovation and imagination is at the forefront of creating our own position and standard in golf design. A careful examination of golf’s rich tradition is now shaped with artistic form and modern technical function.

Integrity, authenticity, and courage are the culture and characteristics sought in our pursuit of leadership and excellence.

The beginning of a new journey.





Designer & Founder


What You Get From MORE

Industry First Performance 99%
Immediate Shot Quality Improvement 99%
Total Playability & Consistency 99%
Better Control of Launch, Spin, and Carry 99%

Bruce Sizemore

A Life in Golf

Golf has been in Bruce Sizemore’s life since the age of 4.

As a 18 year old, he entered the Professional Golf Management Program at Ferris State University and spent the next 10 years playing on professional golf tours and teaching at clubs in New York, California, Indiana, and Florida.

For the past two decades, Bruce has been focused on golf club design, crafting some of the world’s finest putters, all milled in the USA.

Over 50 PGA Tour players have used Bruce’s clubs while winning events and millions on the PGA and LGPA Tours worldwide.

MORE Wedge is the beginning of a new journey.

“I have spent my entire life devoted to the game.  Decades of playing, teaching, and designing have led to the most significant accomplishment of my life. I hope my new wedge designs bring lower scores and more fun to your game. They are truly a labor of love for the players of a sport that means so much to me.”

– Bruce Sizemore


Where ideas begin. Imagination becomes reality. A space to hand craft and fine tune.

The sun goes up. The sun goes down. Creativity should have NO timeline. Innovation NO limits.

“Technical excellence and unrivaled ‘Made in the USA’ craftsmanship bring seven innovative golf industry firsts to your MORE Wedge.”

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